Missouri Pacific Railroad's Bagnell Branch

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Buildings on the layout

Here's a few of the buildings I've highlighted on the layout, some are plastic kits, many are wood laser kits and a few are scratchbuilt from the prototypes still on the former branch.  One of the advantages I found in modeling the Ozarks is generally the older buildings are still around from the last 100 years if they haven't burned down or blown over.   

Model railroads are a challenge in time management so I knew I couldn't scratchbuild every building and have the layout populated by a fleet of resin freight car kits.  Sometimes I try and model a specific prototype, like the mills at Olean and Russellville, and other times I'll add an off the shelf model that seems to 'fit' the region.  

Kraus Warehouse in Enon, Missouri

Kraus Warehouse was originally build as the Enon elevator in 1915.  The prototype structure still exist on the former right of way and can be seen in Google or Yahoo maps.  The 16' x 68' model was build using Evergreen .040 sheet styrene as a substructure and then scale Kappler wood 2" x 10"'s were glued to the sides using ACC.  The metal roof is Evergreen metal siding.  The roof was painted with a gray acrylic and the weathered using oils.  The wood was prestained with water-proof black, white, brown and green artist's ink.   Windows are Grandt Line and the tracks for the large freight doors are from the Tichy 6' freight door set.   

AMB coal yard kit.

Pete Sanning store in Enon

The top of the helix was a bare sheet of styrofoam for years and has recently become a scene in itself.  The 'real' Enon had a boxcar depot and a six car spur for stock loading.  There was also a water tank near Enon.  The little depot is from American Model Builders and they used Enon prototype drawings from the Mopac.  I added a code 70 no. 8 left-hand curved turnout to allow for the spur.  I'll scratch build Mopac stock pens at some point.  An AMB Mopac water tank was relocated to the tracks next to the store.  Pete Sanning's store was in Mary's Home, Missouri but I decided to place it in Enon to add some interest to the scene.  The model is Kit #411 'Schmiege's Little Dutch Store' from JL Innovative Design with a different sign added.  The wood sides on the store were dyed with black, brown and white inks and then colored with white and green pastel pencils.     

Chooch gas station in Olean

AMB's farm house.


Scratchbuilt Olean feed mill made from Evergreen plastic and Grant Line windows.  Original mill still stands at Olean although it's no longer in business.   The basement of the mill had Liberty Bell chick hatchery.   While the mill took hours to build most visitors comments seem to be on the birds painted on the backdrop that took 10 minutes to paint.

Olean depot by Lake Junction Models

Mopac's Olean depot original was built in 1881.  If you click on the photo of the model you will be taken to the Miller County museum page on the town of Olean showing the original depot which still exists on the former railroad right-of-way.

Texaco station and Farmall dealer in Eldon.

The Texaco station is made by JL Innovative Design (kit 311 McLeod Super Service) a wood laser kit.  The farm implements building is Walters State Line Farm Supply kit.

The 'Y-Not-Eat' stone cafe is a test kit from Bill Hoss' Lake Junction Models.  Since I'm modeling the Ozarks in the summer 1954 the cafe's patrons appreciate the air conditioning with their frog legs and fried potatoes.