Missouri Pacific Railroad's Bagnell Branch

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Layout's Timeline and Recognition

Boxcar tool house on the north end of Olean.

Here's the timeline on getting the layout up.  The hardwork I enlisted friends from over the years.  The easy and fun work (scenery and building kits) I did myself.
The 'point to point' concept was borrowed from Mike Adams (dec) of North Little Rock.  Mike had a great little 'Iron Mountain Railway' set in the 1870's layout in the back of his carport.   We'd run the 'extra's in the evenings when I was in NLRK on RR business trips.  Mike never did think model railroads should run in a circle and I found his point to point style of model railroading very enjoyable. 
Bill Hoss, longtime friend and chief 'Mopac mentor'.  I've know Bill since 1975 and he's been unselfish with sharing information, modeling ideas, photos, plans and constructive comments.  Bill pointed me to the railroad's use of standard drawings and really guided me to modeling the Mopac in a prototype approach.  Bill as well in pushing a laser kit in my direction once in a while - many of which you see on the layout.   Bill owns Lake Junction Models,  a new model railroad laser kit company with lots of Mopac style structures.    
Joe Collias, another longtime friend, Mopac fan and author of 'In Search of Steam', 'Mopac Power', 'Last of Steam', 'Katy Power' and 'Texas & Pacific Power'.  Joe would make numerous photos at my asking and spend countless hours with me in his basement talking about our favorite railroad and going over modeling projects.   
Steve Moore, a misplaced former Western Pacific RR employee, friend and another retired UP railroader.  Steve is one of the top custom brass painters and brass engine rebuilders in the U.S.  Steve also models in HO (what else - the WPRR of course).  Steve was my chief wiring expert and talked me into converting to DCC.   I have to remind Steve once in a while that the WPRR put both the Mopac and DRGW in receivership when it was built.   
Gary Herron, another former Mopac railroader (now retired UP RRer).  Gary's been the Yin/Yang of my layout.  He's generous with constructive criticism (in a positive way) on scenery, my continued use of 30 year old turnouts and the fact I went to DCC on a single track, single train model railroad.  I can't wait to 'help' him with his Midland Valley Railroad so I can turn the tables.               
- Initial plans drawn up on CAD-Rail (Steve Moore and me)
- January 2005 hauled plywood in 15 degree windy Omaha weather (Gary Herron and me).   We always seem to undertake our projects when it's below freezing.
- February 24, 2005 framing and tables up (Pat Student, Steve Moore and me).
- March 22, 2005 helix finished (Pat "I'll finish it myself" Student)
- April 14, 2005 finished tracks in Eldon RI yard
- May 19, 2005 laid out Jefferson City yard tracks.
- October 15, 2005 First official operating session (guests  running local)
- November 14, 2005 – Scenery started between Olean and Eldon.
- July 20, 2006 – Scenery started on the lower level in Russellville.
- February 2007 – Purchased NCE DCC system (Mrs. Duckworth)
- October 2008 - Sears rubber mats laid down in the aisle ways 
- November 2008 - Improved lighting over layout 
- June 4 & 5 2009 - OS Omaha operating sessions http://www.osomaha.com/index.php
- June 19, 2009 - stock spur added at Enon 
- December 5, 2009 - adding propane dealer to house track in Eldon
- January 9, 2010 - added the 'Y-Not-Eat Cafe' to Highway 54 and relocated the tourist camp.
- February-April 2010 - added TSU sound decoders to the Genesis MP and RI F units.  
- May 18, 2010 - finished the Kraus warehouse and placed on the Enon spur.
- Three Westerfield MP stockcars built, two Tichy rebuilt boxcars (ACL & P&LE added)
- January 2011 yard office added to RI yard at Eldon; farm outbuildings added in Russellville.
- February 2011 stockpens added to Olean and Enon - scratchbuilt from MP standard plans.  
- March 2011, Lake Junction Models 1914 Rock Island yard office added to RI yard in Eldon.
- May 7 and 8, 2011 ProRail attendees operate the Bagnell Branch.  Fun weekend with four 3 hour operating sessions and open house on Friday night.  http://www.prorail.org/
- June 10-11-12, 2011 Second OS Omaha.  Operating sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
- The Bagnell Branch was expanded by 40% in November 2012.  For updates join my Yahoo Group for both written and photo updates. 

Olean, Missouri - population 157. 'The Hut' on the right side of the street has great burgers.

Olean is one of the unique places on the former Mopac that still has it's 1881 depot.  The town painted it in Mopac's structure colors of Colonial yellow and brown, added a new roof and window glazing.   Another Mopac depot sits in Lohman, Missouri on the branch that was built in 1912.