Missouri Pacific Railroad's Bagnell Branch

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Web sites, railroad history, great music & cream soda reviews.

Local traveling over Moreau River.

Mopac side door caboose is from Bill Hoss' company 'Lake Junction Models' and Southern boxcar is made by Westerfield Models.  Chooch bridge abuttments and bridge is Central Valley kit.

HO Freight Car model and decal sources
Al Westerfield's Model Freight Cars - Al's since retired and Andrew Dahm has bought his business. I've ordered two RI stockcars from him and them arrived in a timely fashion and well packed.    
Speedwitch - out of business, look on an online auction site
Greg Komar's dry transfer decals - Greg is closing his business after 7/31/13
Gary Wright's resin caboose & freight car kits
Rocket Express Models - if you model the RI in the 1940's thru the 1970's check out his kits. 
Jerry Glow's Custom Decals - Jerry's decals are well research nice decals upgrades for Tichy's P&LE rebuilt boxcar and F&C's kits (which have terrible decals). 
If all else fails go here..for decals
Burlington Route Group's model page

Building and depot models
Bill Hoss' Lake Junction Models - many of the depots on the Bagnell Branch are from Bill.  The side door caboose is one of my favorite pieces of rolling stock he's produced.  If you're a serious Mopac modeler check out his product line of buildings and rolling stock. 
City Classics
Downtown Deco
Northeastern Scale Lumber
Modeling tips and scenery ideas
Hard to believe this is modeling  
Bagnell Branch featured in Model Railroad Planning 2010, go to this url order
Paul Scoles scenery on his Sn3 layout
Weathering models
Making tall grasses from hemp rope
EZ Line - telegraph lines
Scenery in the Ozarks
Country Grain Elevator Historical Society
Video on how a grain elevator works - circa 1981 - boxcar loading
Site for model railroad signs
Jim Six Photo Bucket of his HO freight cars and buildings.   
Prototype information on railroads
Mopac Historical Society
Rock Island Techincal Society Web Site
Cole County Mopac history
Missouri Depot Site
Kansas Depot Site
Mopac Historical Society
KO&G-Midland Valley Railroads
Mike Condren's Mopac web site
Denver Public Library - search Otto Perry's photos
Omaha stock yards
Fallen Flags Railroad site
Google Railroad book showing early colors used on equipment
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Photos
Springfield, Missouri collection of SLSF photos
CP in the 1950's
Missouri Pacific Steam in Arkansas
Prototype Freight Cars Photos
PRR Freight cars
LA River Railroad's Galleries - well worth the visit - color shots are great reference material.
Steam Freight Cars Galleries
New York Central Freight Cars
Site devoted to prototype images of freight cars
Steam Era Freight Car Web Site
1940's Miscellaneous Rolling Stock from Jack Whitmeyer's collection
Ed Hawkins and Pat Wilder's 'Railway Prototype Cyclopedia

HO Built-up freight cars

Jerry Glow's built up freight cars 


Steam Era Freight Cars - various modelers showcased.


John Golden Freight Car Photos


Dave Hussey Cocoa Beach shots



HO Model railroads
Tim Dickinson's wonderful BN layout - lots of F units to boot! 
Magnolia Route HO layout
NYO&W HO layout
Bob Smaus SP layout
Gerry Leone's  Bona Vista Railroad
Cletus Waldman's Dagus and Rockwood Railroad
Mike Chamber's Central Missouri & Southern Railroad Company

Historical Photo collections

Ron Nixon Railroad Collection


Life magazine photos - search on 'railroad', 'tankcar' or 'freight car'.


John Vander Maas Railroad collection of photos in Iowa.  One can lose a acouple hours surfing depots.....


FSA/WPA Great Depression Photographs


George E. Hall photo postcards of the Ozarks 1900


Miller County Museum - Bagnell Branch photos


Jefferson City History


Olean, Missouri history



Buster Keaton's motor car ride across Canada


My son-in-law Matt's cream soda reviews



"Blokest Bloke" car - driving a Triumph TR6 - when it's winter and I can't drive the TR I go here....



My 'other' hobbies, WWI 1/48 model airplanes 


Mrs. D, the TR6 and former elevator at Ceder Creek, NE off the BNSF.